University of Montreal Canada Scholarships 2024

University of Montreal Canada Scholarships 2024

Located in Montreal, Canada, the University of Montreal, also called Universite de Montréal, is a public university. In terms of student population, it is the second-biggest institution in Canada. To study in Canada, apply for the University of Montreal Scholarships 2024. The UdeM exemption scholarship program is designed for international students and was founded by Université de Montréal to support talent from around the globe.

They could gain from not having to pay tuition fees. For the winter 2023, summer 2023, autumn 2023, and winter 2024 periods, you may apply for this Scholarship. Montreal University offers Numerous academic programs, including those in business, engineering, medicine, law, and the arts and sciences. Below are further details on the Montreal University Scholarships for 2024.

University of Montreal Canada Scholarships 2024

University of Montreal Canada Scholarships 2024 – Details

The nation is Canada. Montreal University is the name of the university. It offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The application deadlines are subject to change.

Scholarship Name

Scholarship program for UdeM exemptions targeted at overseas students.

Who can Apply for the Scholarship?

Masters Students; Ph.D. Students: Undergraduate Students

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Amount of the Scholarship


  1. Level A: $2 sessions, or 30 credits, cost $13,340.40 a year; each session, or 15 credits, costs $6,670.20; each credit costs $444.68.
  2. Level B: $211.92 each credit, or $6,357.60 per year (2 sessions, 30 credits) or $3,178.80 per session (15 credits).


  1. Non-research: • $10,474.65 a year for three sessions, or 45 credits; or $3,491.55 for each session, or 15 credits; or $232.77 for each credit. This sum is toward the $30,829.50 annual tuition costs (45 credits)*.
  2. Research: $3,449.25 for each session (equal to 15 credits) or $229.95 per credit ($10,347.75 per year for three sessions, or 45 credits).


  1. $22,241.25 each year (3 sessions, equal to 45 credits) or $7,413.75 every session (equivalent to 15 credits) or $494.25 per credit.

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How You Can Apply for the University of Montreal Canada Scholarships 2024?

  • Before being admitted, you must apply. Kindly finish the application before the deadline.
  • Verify the prerequisites for enrollment in the study programs you are interested in.
  • When an offer of admission is made to you, you have time to accept it.
  • The Université de Montréal will notify you via email of the scholarship amount that you are eligible for after receiving your admissions offer.

Below is a link to the official webpage.


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