EPFL Fully Funded Summer Internship in Switzerland 2023

EPFL Fully Funded Summer Internship in Switzerland 2023

The EPFL Fully Funded Summer Internship in Switzerland 2023 accepts applications from students with strong academic credentials. Bachelor’s and master’s degree students can apply for internships. No limits are placed on any ethnicity or country of origin. You better buckle up and be ready to push your careers forward in the center of Europe. The benefits of this summer internship in Europe include not having to pay the astronomical prices of transportation and lodging that the interns would otherwise incur. The Institute for Advanced Study at EPFL emphasizes diversity and inclusion as part of its strategy for growth and differentiation.

EPFL Fully Funded Summer Internship in Switzerland 2023

By providing participants mentorship, coaching, and exposure, the European-based EPFL internship 2023 strives to advance gender parity in the scientific profession. You are cordially invited to participate in state-of-the-art research at one of the world’s finest academic institutions. EPFL’s membership in the International Dual Career Network gives you access to a wide variety of non-governmental organizations and other resources that can aid you in finding the ideal career. EPFL’s School of Computer and Communication Sciences is helping overseas students develop their knowledge and expertise in their chosen subjects by pairing them with some of the world’s most renowned researchers.

The goal of the international internship at one of Switzerland’s top institutions is to help make your goals a reality. Working at EPFL will provide you with a respectful and collaborative workplace. The rise in institutions recognizes the worth of every person and promotes equality between the sexes. Therefore, prejudice of any kind must be strictly prohibited. Additionally, the institute takes a proactive sustainability stance by emphasizing social and environmental integration throughout its activities. The institute’s efforts to promote global peace and prosperity via the integration of scientific research and humanitarian aid are grounded in a long-term, eco-friendly perspective.

EPFL, a university in Lausanne, hosts the Switzerland Internship program. It’s well recognized as one of Europe’s most innovative centers for research and development. It is well-respected in the fields of science and technology. Its initiatives focus on the three pillars of education, scientific inquiry, and creative problem-solving. It is open to everyone who wants to participate in a global, collaborative learning community. Because it collaborated with other groups, it may concretely influence social progress. In addition, cutting-edge tools and scientific instruments contribute to global improvement in society, economy, and ecology.

EPFL Fully Funded Summer Internship in Switzerland 2023 – Details

  • Host Country: Switzerland
  • Host Organization: École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
  • Internship Duration: The unpaid internship lasts between two and three months.

EPFL Fully Funded Summer Internship – Benefits

  • a monthly living allowance of CHF 1600.
  • reimbursement for second-class train tickets or cheap economy flights.
  • Excellence in research will be provided, capable of handling difficult jobs globally.

Eligibility Criteria of the EPFL Summer Internship 2023:

  • All applicants must demonstrate superior academic achievement.
  • Candidates must be undergraduate or graduate students in a relevant field, such as computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, or telecommunications.
  • You have graduated from the first year of your current program.

EPFL Fully Funded Summer Internship in Switzerland 2023 – Application Process

  1. Applicants must submit their materials using the online form found on the website.
  2. Please introduce yourself by filling in the blanks below.
  3. Please complete the appropriate fields in my permanent record.
  4. Pick up to three areas of study that you’re passionate about.
  5. If necessary, be sure to provide the required paperwork.
  6. Be careful to complete the mandatory fields.
  7. Please take your time filling out the application and sending it in.

EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland – Documents Required

  1. CV.
  2. Academic transcripts.
  3. Letter of Motivation.

EPFL Fully Funded Summer Internship in Switzerland 2023 – Deadline

The application deadline for an internship is till December 04, 2022.

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